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Your satisfaction is important to us.  We offer a 10 day money-back guarantee if any item is unacceptable (assuming it is returned in original packaging, undamaged).  If any items arrive in damaged condition a claim should first be registered with the shipping company.

Stk No. Prefix Indicates Manufacturer:
None-Ertl, M-Misc, D-Diecast Promotions, SC-SpecCast, SM-Scale Models, FG-Fist Gear, L- Liberty, U-From secondary market and not in new condition.

Tr-Tractor, ROPS-Roll Bar, FWA-Front Wheel Assist, NFE-Narrow Front End, WFE-Wide Front End.

Louis Vuitton Damier pretty!! congrats!

,I have seen some really nice Azur bags with a nice warm patina. At first I thought I wouldn't like it, but it really looks very nice! Louis Vuitton Store,

LV Handbags Beautiful! Congratulations!


I got in before the price increase and bought the Damier Ebene Speedy 30 and a matching Zip Around Wallet. As soon as it arrived, I started thinking should I have gotten the Damier Ebene Neverful MM or is there a bag at the 2K and under price point that would be even better as an everyday bag. I am really hard on my everyday bags and they tend to get thrown around a lot especially with the kids and their sports. Can someone give me an opinion that could shine a light of sanity on me? Louis Vuitton Damier


alma electric... more pizzaz than just the black alma. LV SHOP


monogram fleuri?? so cute and feminine! LV Purse


Louis Vuitton Store I have a Blanc Alma PM and the new Givre color in the MM size. I love both for different reasons. The PM will fit pretty much what I need for the day but if I want to carry a leo shawl or a couple of other items I will carry the MM size. I'm 5'6 however so while the MM is larger I don't feel it's overwhelming on me like it may be on others.


alma in pomme is truly a beautiful bag, congrats! Louis Vuitton Monogram


Worldwide Shipping:
Orders are shipped around the world on a daily basis.  We are experienced in all export and shipping arrangements and try  to do our best to consolidate distant shipments (Europe, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand) in order to minimize shipping costs.  If you require special shipping arrangements please advise by e-mail and we will accommodate your request.

Sales Tax and Shipping Costs:
Where applicable 8% PST for Ontario residents and 5% GST for Canadian residents will be calulated.  Shipping costs are minimum $6 and charged based on the actual expense.

Marketing Programs:
Do you have a need for a customized replica or special commemorative souvenir edition with your company logo?  We operate a marketing division that can help you develop strategies for promotions using premium replicas.